What I don't say to my clients


When you say thank you, I say ‘it is my privilege’

and you smile softly because you’ve heard me say it before, because maybe it sounds familiar or boring or brief.

And it is so brief, it is the four simplest words for a huge expanse of gratitude and joy and comradery I feel each time you courageously walk toward your new future, looking sadly and wisely at your past.

The thing I don't say is that I work to be my very best because your struggle, your pain, your glories, and your trust is sacred, and I will never forget that. and I will always be grateful for the privilege to walk with you in it.

The thing I don't say is that in my head is a book of miracles with a long and winding list of all the ways love conquers all, all the courageous actions of a hundred people who I have walked with.

What I don’t say is you have changed and touched my life as deeply as you say I have touched yours.

That your pains play out in my head at midnight too, your progress and grit nudges me on.

I don't say that you are tattooed on my heart but there you are. and years from now, know that when I look up at a vast sky of stars, I silently wish you peace and love and all life has to offer.

Originally published here by Kerry Makin-Byrd, PhD