What I learned about showering from meditating in a group


Showering one mindfully is fabulous

Marsha Linehan's dialectical behavior therapy skills were my first exposure to the mindfulness skill of one-mindfully. To do just one thing at a time, fully, wholeheartedly, throwing yourself into and immersing yourself in one thing.

A single grape is almost transcendent when eaten slowly, one mindfully. A person in our meditation group suggested this tip -

Showering one mindfully, feeling the water, smelling the soup, using all our wonderfully evolved senses to settle in that moment.

She also added a nuance I loved, to spread out the practice to gratitude for this hot water so many people don't have. A thank you to the people that made this shower possible, the soap maker, the men and women who laid the pipes, the scientists who learned to examine the water and make it safe for us. As I've said before, this is absolutely a moment for me of thank you so much for everything, I have no complaints whatsoever.

By Kerry Makin-Byrd, PhD

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