Dear Ballet Dad - a thank you to fathers


Dear ballet Dad – you’re acing it.

You two run in together, you pausing ‘oh! Remember to put your hair up?!’ and she smiles at you, saying ‘yeah, I have my brush right here’ and you chuckle, nudging her ‘alright! High five!’ then call ‘love you! See you at 3’ before heading out.

You’re acing it. You’re the first man she will love and what she’s learning from you is pure gold.

To the Dad with a proud, sideways grin as his 3 year old yells she'll put the bus token in herself!

To the Dad blowing his daughter kisses as the school bus rolls away.

To the Dad holding a scared silence as his daughter climbs to the highest part of the playground. Then shakily cheering as she beams at him.

You're acing it. and thank you.