Hi, I'm Dr. Kerry Makin-Byrd. I'm the founder of Cultivate.Love, a space dedicated to teaching people how to open their hearts, step out of their minds, and engage in compassionate lives.  

Here you'll find free, flexible tools for helping you increase your mindfulness and compassion with the goal of improving both your own life and the world around you. Let's get started! 

Who am I to give you advice? Well someone and no one. Just another traveler on the journey. And for a less Zen answer, here's my street cred:

  • I'm a clinical psychologist with a PhD and lots of training from fancy schools (more info here)
  • I'm a mother of 5 years and a partner of 13 years
  • I've been practicing meditation, mindfulness, and compassion since 2008 when my world blew up and I woke up
  • I have known love and suffering, death and life, great joy, and great betrayal, and yet I have so much more to learn, just like all of us.

If You Would Like To Work With Me

The goal of this site is to provide free resources for all. I also know there are many paths and reasons people end spending time on this site. For those who may be interested in therapy or consultation services, I can be reached at

  • 720 507 8061
  • or schedule a free consultation here.